When I began to hear a gentle voice…

I’m not sure how long ago it was when I began to hear a gentle voice encouraging me to step out in faith.  “What you are doing is ministry.  Follow me”!  Accepting that fact , faithfully praying, taking steps to move forward,  consulting with friends, developing a website , and battling with myself to make a wholehearted commitment to that call on my life filled months.  Those days, in the words of a woman, were the long months of pregnancy that eventually birthed IN HIS EMBRACE!  Reflecting on my life continues to best be expressed as living In His Embrace.

Since all of this began I have been on a journey that I never saw coming!  Isn’t that just like our Lord keeping secrets and plans for us in the depth of His heart and then reveals them at just the perfect time.  He knows me the best of all and He knows if He showed me in advance what His plans and purposes were for me I would run in the opposite direction as fast as my little legs could carry me shouting all the way “I can’t do that!”  I’ve been there more often than I care to admit! I can so identify with Moses as He tried convincing God He had chosen the wrong person.  Ever been there?

It was around this time two years ago that God began to give me little glimpses of what He had in store for me.  MOVE!  You can’t be serious.  Leave my home that I shared with my dear husband and all that was precious to us and follow you. That was exactly what God was asking me to do follow Him to a completely new place. To be honest with you I was frozen in fear with a million questions all beginning with “how”.  I knew this much that the answers to all my questions were in the Bible.  Many verses took on new meaning for me as each day I moved toward the reality of moving.  Isaiah 45: 2-3 was my daily cry to the Lord that gave me incredible peace, comfort and assurance that He and I were in this together.

I will go before you, Cyrus, (Linda) and

level the mountains.  I will smash down gates of bronze

and cut through bars of Iron.

And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness –

secret riches.

I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the

God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.

I did not know what the mountains were that He would level, I did not know what the bronze gates were that needed smashing and I did not know what the Iron rods were that needed to be cut through.  I simply believed that He could do all that and more!  Each day I lay down before Him, in “the Circle” of His love. I stood on that truth believing Him more each day. My role was to rely on Him, to trust in Him, and to follow Him one step at a time.  Never taking my eyes off Jesus, I was learning to fully appreciate and enjoy the wonder of HIS EMBRACE.

So here I am today, eighteen months later, in my new home, enjoying the blessings that are enriching my life and realizing that the words of Isaiah 45:3 are now living truth for me.  He has revealed many of the treasures that He had hidden, the ones He calls ‘secret riches’.  And all of this, He has done that “I may know that He is the Lord, the God of Israel, the very one who calls me by name.”

Thank you for listening to my heart!  I’m trusting, that this little ‘snippet’ of my life has blessed you and encouraged you to follow well in the journey He has prepared for you.  Our God is good, All the Time!