Tripping Through the Trash Bags!!! SPLAT!!

No, not Tip Toeing through The Tulips!! Tripping through the trash bags!!

It was just a quick stop to drop off a few groceries for a friend then, head home. This evening was our family Christmas dinner that I was so looking forward to. All was well with more wonderful family and friend times ahead. It was Christmas week!

With my hands full I was welcomed into a small unlit hall, with two large unnoticed trash bags on the floor! Not Good! Before I knew it I was into those trash bags with both feet. I gained momentum as I desperately struggled to get untangled to no avail. SPLAT! There I was sprawled out on my friend’s kitchen floor. As I landed I hit the floor full force and I do mean full force! Groceries were scattered everywhere and shock consumed every inch of my being.

Hours later in the Emergency Room after every available test and x-ray, I did avoid the mammogram experience!! Now it was time to meet the Emergency Room doctor and get the verdict. “You have amazingly good health in all areas HOWEVER you do have a broken right knee cap. It is a pretty serious break across the center of your knee cap. Ouch!!

Now to chart a “fix it Plan”! I had never heard the word “immobilized” in a sentence with my name. The choice was mine “immobilize” your leg and send you home and tomorrow morning, find a surgeon of your choice OR be admitted for surgery in the morning. The idea of hobbling around town “Immobilized”, whatever that meant looking, for a surgeon was less than appealing!! “I’m checking in and going the surgery route.” Decision made!

That word “immobilized” kept rolling around in my head, “immobilized”. I was being readied for my trip to my room. Just a little breath prayer – one of those that just bubbles up and there it is on your lips!

“Lord, I don’t know what “Immobilize your leg” means but it sure sounds better than surgery. Could your favor rest on me, could my leg be immobilized”? And off to my room, we went. I was all settled in and readied for the night. “No food, No water, rest well the surgeon will be in around 7 tomorrow morning” came the words from across the already darkened room. Once again “Lord Jesus could your favor rest on me for this thing called “immobilized” Amen. My usual words from Psalm 143:8 were my final words as sleep came swiftly.

Promptly at 7 am, I met Dr. Greene for the first time. I had prayed about “the who and how” of this surgery thing so I was so affirmed this was a God thing when we connected and I had such all-consuming peace. The diagnosis was confirmed, a broken right knee cap. He left to go study the Xrays with the promise to return to explain his surgery plans… It was about ten minutes when he came through the door addressing the nurse who was ready to take me to surgery. “Could you possibly get this young lady – is he talking about me!!? – some breakfast she must be starving.” By then he was standing at the foot of my bed. “You are very fortunate. Everything is in position as it should be so we are going to be able to “immobilize” your leg and I’ll see you in a month!!”

I was in AWE. My mind – my body – and every part of my being was aware of my Abba Father’s presence. He had heard my prayers, the desires of my heart and His favor was resting on me. In my empty room my joy welled up in tears, so very humbling. I could not deny His love, His care, and His promises kept all pouring down from above. Glory! Glory!

I would find out what “immobilized” meant first hand! I would have a full leg brace from ankle to hip held together with multiple black velcro straps. No way to wear slacks over this so it was leggings under it! Yikes – interesting look! There would be a walker then a cane, no showers, a hairdresser for shampooing and a whole team of nurses, therapists, and a nursing assistant several times a week. Oh yes, no going home right away. I spend two very special weeks in my daughter’s home. My other children joined her in providing constant love and care. The full meaning of “immobilized” took on a life of its own as days became weeks and weeks became 2 months and then a full physical therapy program swung into action!! That may be over next week!! Yippee!!

From the doctor’s announcement that my leg was to be “immobilized” I realized at the depth of my soul, this journey with Jesus was appointed for me. He would be my constant companion. I would never be alone not even for a minute. He would never leave or forsake me. We were in this together and He was not in any way “Immobilized”! We shared wonderful very private intimate times together as I grew closer and closer to the heart of my Jesus. Only by His grace and mercy will the desire of my heart for Him, to be glorified, become reality.

“You, my Father God have made Isaiah 45:2-3 come alive for me, all over again! Mountains have been leveled, Bronze gates have been broken down and iron rods have been cut through. You have slowly been shining your light on ‘the treasures hidden in the darkness of this situation and the riches of this secret place. I have a new excitement and enthusiasm for the days ahead.” I continue to search for my Jesus, not wanting to miss a single thing that He has wrapped up in this experience I’ve called “Tripping through the Trash Bags!” After all His purpose in all this is summed up in Isaiah 45:3b “that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by name”. Yes, He is calling me, calling me, by name and He is calling you, calling you by name too! May we follow well in the path called healing and hope for the days ahead and for the fullness of His Glory!

Definition: Immobilize: to make immobile, immovable, fix in place, to prevent the use, activity or movement of, – to prevent, restrict normal movement in the body, limb.!!