The Search

I was just about to sit down for the evening to relax and catch some mindless TV when I remembered the empty spot in my wallet.  I was missing a credit card.  I had noticed it when I was shopping earlier that day.  Oh, I need to find that!

The search began with all the obvious places—wallet, pocketbook, pants pockets, coat pockets, the floor of the car.  And then I went to every unsuspecting place, just in case.  It was all to no avail.  I could not find that card and this search was rapidly becoming my sole focus.   I went back and searched again.  My mind went back over my day.  The questions were endless.  What did I do?  Where could it be?   What if I can’t find it?

In a few minutes I realized there was no doubt about it; the search for the missing credit card was accelerating in more ways than one.  My mind raced about the possibilities of what could go wrong if that card was in the wrong person’s hands.  My heart pounded as peace quickly gave way to the urgency to find that card and anxiety threatened.  What was strange to me in the midst of all this was that there was also a quietness in my spirit that seemed to hold complete panic at bay.   I can’t explain it, but it was real to me.

The time was slipping away and tomorrow had much for me to accomplish.  I needed that card, but I needed my sleep.  I prayed one last prayer:  Dear Lord, lead me to that little piece of plastic.  Guide me to the place that hides my credit card.  And may I sleep well in your loving arms tonight.  Amazingly, I slept.  Somehow I knew I would find that card.

It was not yet dawn, but I was aware a new day was about to burst forth in all its grandeur.  Equally as quickly, the missing credit card took control of my thoughts again.  I was just about to jump out of bed and resume my search when something inside me, that quietness in my spirit, bid me to be still and draw near.

My heart and mind suddenly arrived at a whole new place—not the hiding place of the credit card, but a place where my Abba Father had treasures of truth ready for me to discover.  This time there were different questions, ones that challenged the reality of my faith and commitment.

Have I ever looked for Jesus with such intensity as I did that credit card?

Have I ever searched for Him hour upon hour, just simply wanting to find Him?

Have I ever missed Him so deeply that I refused to give up the search no matter what?

Have I ever trusted Him completely to the place of sleep, knowing, in the absence of evidence, I would find Him trustworthy?

I did not want to answer these questions.  Yet the answers were there, down in the depths of my own soul.  I knew the truth.  The Holy Spirit’s gentle conviction led me to a place of deeper desire for Him.  Honesty in the presence of my Savior made fresh my longing to seek Him daily and continually.

I still needed to find that credit card, but the challenge to trust God fully brought that strange peace to the forefront.  I remained calm, having learned an even greater truth in this mishap of the missing credit card.

Do you see God drawing you towards Himself in the everyday occurrences in your day?  He desires to know us intimately.  God had ordained this search!  A search for some little piece of plastic was used to captivate my heart.  What about you?  I challenge you as I challenge myself to come up with your own questions and be willing to search within for your honest answers.  Search for Scriptures that bring comfort and direction to your own God-orchestrated search.   YOU WILL FIND HIM!!


By the way I found my credit card immediately after this powerful time with the Lord!  I had changed purses 2 days before.  As I passed my closet I recalled that fact.  I took the former pocketbook out and there was the credit card in “a safe place.”  Ready to be found!

*Magnifying Glass by James Cottell from the Noun Project