“Thank you Linda, so very much for your instruction and leadership during our last two Bible studies. His word and your kindness always shined through when you spoke and fueled me for another week. It is very apparent you have a true calling for mentoring women. Your insight about life in general was something that I treasured. Even as you would share about the way to a man’s heart or your “high maintenance” neighbor, you were always teaching and directing us back to the Lord. I learned so much about our wonderful God, and saw what is possible when you live for Him.
A heartfelt thank you –Sharon

Linda’s teaching comes straight from her heart – a heart filled with the spirit of God! Truly an incredible woman! –Maria

I thank God for Linda and for her life that she so openly and honestly shares with us. Linda’s transparency and humor are so refreshing and so encouraging . Love this woman! -Denise

Linda has a true relationship with the Lord – a real love relationship that shines through all she teaches and does. That same love and honesty is part of her relationship with all those whose lives she touches! -Cherie

Linda has challenged me in my daily walk with the Lord as I face situations that God has allowed in my life! Her teaching is safe, fun and embracing to all! –Anita

Linda Williams is such a special servant of the Lord and is truly a gifted teacher. She so willingly and enthusiastically share what the Lord has taught her and imparts many golden nuggets of godly wisdom and truth to her audience. What an inspiration and blessing she is to those she ministers to! –Peggy

Linda is funny, inspiring, down to earth, and knows her Bible well. She is a lover of God and women!

Linda’s teaching is real, transparent, honest, funny, encouraging and convicting! She teaches love, hope and grace and always points us to our Heavenly Father! –Denise

Linda has a true heart for God. She teaches with honesty and love and even humor! –Renee

With spiritual leadership Linda inspired and taught us with her “blessed brand” of wit, wisdom and deep faith.  -Mary Jo

Linda’s heart for the Lord and women of all ages provides a very real, safe and encouraging environment for effective intergenerational ministry. The Love of Jesus love knows no bounds, as she so often reminds us in her teaching. –Linda

“Linda is a wonderful teacher and leader that gives herself completely to the women in her classes.” -Carolyn

“Linda Williams is the real deal. She is funny, wise, and has a spiritual depth that has come from years of walking with the Lord. I feel like a sponge when I’m with her because I want to soak up all of the Jesus that flows out of her. She is one of a kind!” -Aimee Huber

“I especially appreciated your personal experiences to show life can be harsh at times but faith in God will help us through.” – Bible Study Attendee

“Linda is a role model to me as a mother, a wife, a friend, a leader. and as an overall women truly putting God first in her life. I love listening to her talk in casual conversations and in more formal settings.” – Liz Wylie

“Linda is so on fire for the Lord that when she teaches you just can’t help put catch her love for God and His word.” –Yolanda

“A unique teacher, storyteller that makes the truth of God’s word stick in your mind and your heart!” –Kathy

“I love her and go wherever she is teaching! She has a way of making the Bible and Bible characters so real and the truth so clear!” –Anita

“Your stories make the word of God come alive for me!” -Kathy

“This is my first Bible study and I can’t believe the fun I am having and all the ‘stuff’ I am learning about God! I can’t wait for more.” –Yolanda