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Unlikely – Chosen- Called

Looking at the most unlikely of women of the Bible and the amazing truths of how God chose and called them as part of His wondrous plan. Rahab, Tamar, Bathsheba, the Woman at the well are our main characters for study and application. Am I living a life of the “most”unlikely and missing God’s call on my life?


“Freedom is it for Real”… or just an unreal expectation?

We will examine scriptures as they they relate to the prisons we create for ourselves and the burdens that so easily entangle us. Let us run the race that is set before us in perfect freedom.


A Teapot Filled with Living Water

A close up and personal look at the rich life that is ours as Grandmothers. These are the years when our lives are filled to overflowing with treasures that our children and grandchildren are longing to receive and yes, need to hear! As long as we have breath we have purpose and God has a plan. Let’s get with it and leave a living legacy

A program that reached the intergenerational challenges of today.


The Woman at the Well

A Compelling and Inspiring Dip into the One True Well

The woman at the well meets Jesus face to face….not in her plan for the day! Combining the scriptures from John 4 and the resource of Mark Hall’s book, “The Well” , we take a personal look at our lives and the scriptures and how often we find ourselves in the same place as that dear woman.

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Amazing Unqualified Women

A Insightful Look into the Lives of Three Women that by God’s Grace changed all eternity

Tamar fights against all odds for the privilege to believe in God. Her passion for the one true God brings her freedom over the control and manipulation of others. Rahab remains faithful beyond all odds to fulfill the call on her life. As a prostitute, she is willing to risk her all for an unknown God, and as a result, save a nation.  Bathsheba answering “yes” to the invitation of King David led to a life caught up in the whirlwind of sin’s consequences, including the loss of her husband, the death of her son and eventually marrying King David. Her pain and suffering moved the heart of God.

These three women’s lives are amazing expressions of God’s great love for us and the full measure of His matchless Grace.

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Our Journey through Cancer and Dying

Our Journey through Cancer and Dying – a personal story of the journey taken by Linda and her husband, Gayle, through colon cancer. She shares the hard and painful places and the many beautiful and fulfilling places. Seeing God in each day and not allowing cancer to rob them of the joy of being HIS was the lifeline that held them steady in the storms that come with cancer.

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One True Vine

A Face to Face Encounter with Jesus, the One True Vine

A closer look at John 15 and Jesus as the One True Vine and Father God as the vinedresser. We are the branches, but are we connected securely to the vine or just hanging on?  What does “abiding” really look like in a present day life? Am I willing and wanting to be a living branch worthy to bear rich fruit? Scripture comes alive and we take a honest look inside our hearts based on the Word of God.

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